FEATURE // Levitate Festival Gonna Get You High ((Rusko, DJ Shadow, Paper Diamond, and Pictureplane))

Right up there with New Year’s Eve, 4/20 is a time when you can absolutely count on big artists and big events coming to town.  4/20 might as well be NYE… everyone stands in a giant crowd and counts down from 10 together, and then the next day, everyone swears off fast food.  The only difference is that kissing and shouting are exchanged with inhaling and coughing.

Levitate Festival is getting the jump on it this year, bringing Rusko back to the 1st Bank Center along with DJ ShadowPaper Diamond, and Pictureplane.  Get ready to get heady; Elm & Oak is following up on last year’s sold-out Boulder Theater show of the same name, and working with AEG Live, they are taking things to new heights.

Tickets go on sale this Saturday for $35 through Ticket Horse.  Or, if you are part of the Paper Diamond Fan Club, you can grab tickets on Friday at 10am at the PD FAN CLUB TICKETING PAGE.

Dope!  We know we can always count on Rusko to stand up for chronic.


Your thoughts?

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