PHOTOS // Nasty Ways and Eliot Lipp w/ Jantsen and Free The Robots @ Cervantes 2.11.12

UFO gives many thanks to Devin Friedman, today’s guest reviewer and photographer.

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I arrived about halfway through Jansten’s set, and the crowd was small but rowdy.  I’ve never seen Jantsen live before, but I’ve definitely heard multiple artists drop his “Sultans of Swing” remix before during live sets.  He played many remixes of popular hip-hop artists, such as Lil’ Wayne, Jay-Z and Kanye, which all hyped everyone up.  Jantsen definitely tore it up for the few minutes that I saw him and he is definitely worth keeping an eye on for the next few months!

The biggest surprise of the night came when Free The Robots brought The Gaslamp Killer out on stage (ed. note: whaaaat??? O.o).  I’ve always been a Gaslamp fan but I have not yet had the pleasure of watching one of his sets, so getting to see him perform next to a new, up and coming artist was, needless to say, pretty dope.  Free The Robots’ set was a good mix of dubstep and more down-tempo stuff, which was refreshing.  By this point in time, most of the crowd had filed in to see Eliot Lipp and everyone was jamming to the “Ni**as In Paris” remix at the end of the set.

Eliot is now playing with a drummer — which was news to me, I have only ever seen him play solo — but high-hats and heavy drum kicks were a cool addition.  His sets and remixes are usually more chill for me, but from what I could tell, most everyone was super into it.

Then came what Cervantes was waiting for…the premiere of Nasty Ways in Colorado.  I have been trying to keep up with The Glitch Mob as much as possible, so when I heard that a project that Boreta and EPROM were getting into was coming to Denver, I obviously knew that I had to be there.  The set was incredible.  At first, they were playing a mix of both Glitch Mob and EPROM’s stuff, shuffled in with some more well-known hits such as Nero’s “Crush On You” and Crizzly’s “Snapback Swag” remix.   Towards the end, they began playing some of their newly created, exclusive jams that were really glitch-heavy and much more to my taste.

To rate their overall debut, I would say that they definitely lived up to my expectations!  Anytime I see that anyone from Glitch Mob is into something, like Ooah with PANTyRAiD or in this specific instance with Nasty Ways, I expect nothing less than pure face-meltage, and that is exactly what the crowd and myself got from this performance.


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