FEATURE // Valentine’s Mixtape Roundup

Valentine’s Day – a day when love and various bodily fluids are sure to be flying through the air.  There are few things worse than getting tangled in a sexy naked knot, then hearing iTunes shuffle totally drop the ball.  Mixes were made for lovemaking, and these 2012 Valentine’s mixes are certainly no exception.

Dirty South Joe & Flufftronix (Cool Records) :: Luvstep Vol. 3

Any of the luvstep compilations are an obvious choice, and who better to turn to than Dirty South Joe and Flufftronix (who helmed past luvstep mixes, most recently for Mad Decent).  Shoutout to Minnesota for making the cut!

Morri$ and Sweater Beats :: Young Love / Heartbreak Vol. 2  (download link)

If luvstep doesn’t seem appropriate for a candlelight session, and The Weeknd is a little too dark for your tastes, here’s a perfect happy medium: Sweater Beats and Morri$ (who is blowing UP on the net lately) give it to you slow and sensual.

Skeet Skeet ::  Мишка Is For Lovers

Three eternal words that symbolize passion and romance: DJ Skeet Skeet.  He made one of our favorite Blackstreet “No Diggity” remixes and now he’s back to revive 90’s R&B with the likes of TLC, Janet Jackson, Usher, R. Kelly… you get the idea!  This brings us straight back to our very first middle school dance, and if that went as poorly for you as it did for us, take this chance to turn it all around!

Flying Lotus :: Lovers Melt 2

Today might be a great day to put on Dillon Francis’s new album Something, Something Awesome, fill up a kiddie pool full of Astroglide, and wrestle your Valentine and her two best friends.  As fun as that may be, Valentine’s is one day where classiness rules above all, and few mixes are more classic than one of our go-to makeout mixes from Flying Lotus.

Diplo & Usher :: Climax

This may not be a mix, but just like a lover standing in the rain, we simply could not turn away from this one.  Diplo should definitely be commission for more r&b tracks.  Diplo + Usher = Cupid’s bow + arrow.


Your thoughts?

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