SINGLE // Michael Woods :: “Airborne”

Michael Woods has definitely got to be one of our favorite artists as of late.  Having done work with Deadmau5, Mark Knight, Moguai, Chris Lake, and Funkagenda, Woods has established himself as one of the UK’s leaders in Progressive House.  He’s from England and he produces a very recognizable style of big-room progressive house with trance and deep/tech house influences.

His latest release on his very own Diffused Music label is called “Airborne.”  This is a spaceship of a track, soaring effortlessly through space, a shining and silvery beacon of melody.  Unlike most progressive house tunes, the melody doesn’t permeate into every part of the song, so it’s a little less rave-y and a little more deep and tech; something you can count on Woods to pull off.   Plug in your ear machines and pick up this glowing hot track before it cools off.

Michael Woods :: Airborne

While you’re at it, here’s some more awesome Michael Woods tracks:

Michael Woods :: First Aid

Michael Woods :: VMS

LaRoux :: In For The Kill (Michael Woods Remix)


Your thoughts?

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