SINGLE // Figure of 8 (feat. Sophie Galpin) :: “No One Cries For Me (Radio Version)”

This gorgeous ballad is brought to you by Figure of 8, an Irish producer with a taste for Italo Disco.  Released today through On The Fruit Records, this track is gorgeous: a lush throwback to 80’s New Wave that is then infused with Celtic vocal beauty.  It’s like Sinead O’Connor did a collab with Bronski Beat, and though the final product definitely would have been a hit in the 80’s/90’s, the way it hits our ears today is surprisingly novel.

The original is available as a free download, and the four remixes are available for purchase on Beatport (the Pat Lok and Polar Sun remixes are definitely worth a listen).

Figure of 8 (ft. Sophie Galpin) :: No One Cries For Me (Radio Version)


Figure of 8 put out a compilation/mix of disco-ish tracks for LeTouch.TV that is really something special.  It even includes the much sunnier, Mighty Mouse version of “No One Cries For Me” and generally makes it harder to frown about things.

Figure of 8 :: On The Fruit Sextape for LeTouch.TV


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