UFO.TV // Skywalkerr Talks Shop Before His Show With Mt. Eden

We first met Skywalkerr (James Burnell) at a house party in Boulder, at 3 a.m. surrounded by kids dripping in sweat and cheap beer.  The first evident thing about him was that he knows how to afterparty: he’s a pro at placing recognizable rap tracks into dirty bass context, and that’s why it was no surprise that he was called upon weekend after weekend to cater to the insomniatic party crews of the Hill.

Skywalkerr proved he’s got marathon DJ abilities, knows his way around a remix, and can sell out the Fox (check out Cinesthetic’s footage of that show!).  But what really won us over was Skywalkerr’s own production, which he blasted during an opening set for Mt. Eden in Denver last fall to an enthusiastic crowd.  After touring with the Boulder crew of Robotic Pirate Monkey and Thick Chick all over the West Coast, James is poised for big things in 2012.

As luck would have it, Skywalkerr came out with a new track today!  Check it out here:

DMX :: Get It On The Floor (Skywalkerr Remix)

The Skywalkerr will be back in Colorado for Snowball.  Until then, be sure to keep up with James on Facebook and Soundcloud.


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