FEATURE // BioLogic :: New Boulder Hip-Hop

It’s time to switch things up a bit around here.  We just tuned in to BioLogic, a Boulder MC and CU student named Dustin Chernick who has over the past year been quietly been racking up solid rhymes and collaborations with some top-notch international producers.

Originally from Seattle, it’s easy to hear how entrenched his flow is in the smooth and philosophic nature of Seattle hip-hop.  “Hip-Hop Head Count” is exactly the kind of inner-peace rhymes you’d expect from the land of Blue Scholars, Macklemore and Common Market.

BioLogic :: “Hip-Hop Head Count”


Here’s a pretty hot track that’s more on the electronic side of things, a very tasteful use of electronic cues that organically includes the boom-bap mentality mentioned above.

BioLogic :: “Learn (Rostik’s “Liquid” Remix)


Say what you will about BioLogic’s rhymes, he has a great ear for beats.  For a new MC, he has been incredibly successful at linking up with producers.  “I’ll Remember Them” is the first track on French producer Kam0‘s latest LP (downloadable here) and is another great slice of deep hip-hop.

BioLogic :: “I’ll Remember Them (Produced by Kam0)


And for the sake of variation, check out this cool reggae-ish remix of Biologic’s “All or Nothin'” that sports a snappier flow.

BioLogic :: “All or Nothin’ ft. Yourmanmanic (Ragga Remix)


All of BioLogic’s tracks are free for download on Soundcloud and definitely worth a look (there are a lot of them, prepare to do a little shopping around).  Be sure to throw Dustin a Facebook like as well and keep up as he prepares for a show at Bacaro in early March.


One comment on “FEATURE // BioLogic :: New Boulder Hip-Hop

  1. Thanks so much for the support guys, The show at Bacaro will be March 1st… and My first Album “Lucid Dreams” will be dropping sometime this spring. Stay tuned and much love!

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