MIXTAPE // Quarry :: Hood Shit EP

The Hood Shit EP is the debut release from STYLSS, a brand-new Portland-based label that is hitting that future sound HARD.  By “hard”, we mean this five-track EP is packed with almost SIX TIMES as many remixes.  For someone who seemingly dropped out of space yesterday, that in itself is impressive.

The length of the 33-track mix is a little daunting, and while many of the cuts are experimental in nature, there are plenty of banger tracks that the average listener can appreciate.  Name your price on the full album, or check out our choice cuts below.



Hood Shit doesn’t sound like any hood I know — which, to be honest, is none.  But still, this sounds like a hood filled with Mario castles, a row of tenements with lava-filled basements.  QUARRY’s untouched tracks are dominated by this kind of 8-bit ghetto, and “Broped” probably best exemplified this.



Bit1 took QUARRY’s “WHITETRASH” and created a very similar kind of feel.  Not sure how to describe this kind of slinky, swinging-at-your-ankles kind of beat, but the filtered feel of it definitely gets a thumbs up.


QUARRY :: WHITETRASH (Dead Fetus Remix)

“WHITETRASH” sounds vastly different in the hands of Dead Fetus, another Oregonian that specializes in darky dark witch house jams.  Witch house, you say?  Betcha didn’t know that Denver resident Travis Egedy (Pictureplane) is credited as a witch house pioneer.  Check out Dead Fetus’ Soundcloud for some more musical examples.


QUARRY :: QUADPLEX (Duskky Remix)

Duskky is definitely a standout artist on this list.  His version of “QUADPLEX” is a really unique mixture of many things that make the remix kinda lounge, kinda squelch, kinda dancehall… guess we’re just trying to say that he clocks in over eight minutes of the most alien-sounding grooves on the EP.



QUARRY :: QUADPLEX (Mode7 Remix)

PANA makes some of the best use of the “QUADPLEX” vocal, which “I personally believe” to be 2007 Miss South Carolina’s brain-dead pageant response.  But Mode7 definitely kills it with his version, using the full vocal sample and turning Miss South Carolina into a dangerous fembot of geographical cluelessness.


Your thoughts?

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