SINGLE // Aether :: “Solace”

Wikipedia defines “aether” as “the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere.”  That’s about as good of an introduction as we can give to Aether, a producer based out of San Antonio who is dreaming up some spacious and, frankly, gorgeous tunes.

Aether (Diego Chavez) is all over the board, from producing for hip-hop group Lotus Tribe and rock band The Panic Division.  His own sound is along the same lines as Blockhead or Prefuse 73, a great combination of heavy boom-bap hip-hop and dreamy textures from a million miles away.  His newest track “Solace” is full of emotion and reaches Bonobo-esque heights at about the 1:30 mark.

Aether also put out a really good Portishead remix last week that was cued to be in our next chill playlist, but no sense in hiding it while we’re on the topic.  It’s a great disambiguation of the original trip-hop jam, one that keeps the original’s sexy chill but replants it firmly in UK garage territory.

Aether hasn’t released a full album since 2008 but there’s been some encouraging activity on his Soundcloud page.  Be sure to check out the album, Artifacts, and be sure to visit Aether’s Facebook page.


Your thoughts?

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