FEATURE // Atmosphere and Common to Perform at Red Rocks’ FIRST Winter Show

“Icelantic Winter on the Rocks” is going down at Red Rocks tonight, and we couldn’t be happier about freezing ourselves while raging to some hip-hop. This is truly a moment in history for Red Rocks, as this is the FIRST EVER winter show at the world-famous amphitheater. Boulder-local Don Strasburg, the VP and Head Talent Buyer of AEG Live , was one of the key players responsible for putting together the event; and damn, there is some serious talent coming to The Rocks tonight.

Atmosphere, the Minnesota-based combined creative genius of Slug (Sean Daley) and Ant (Anthony Davis), is one of our serious favorites here at UFO. Weaving soul-filled lyrics through classic and jazzed out beats is the style that Slug and Ant incorporate into their music, and every show becomes a party between this dynamic duo. Between talking about the tribulations of his childhood and his continual use of the “Lucy” motif throughout his love ballads; Slug pours his heart and soul into his performances, and through his music, continually demonstrates the need for the highs and lows in life. These delegates to underground hip-hop have shot their careers through the skies and streets: if you’re a sucker for rapping and raging, you better not miss these boys.

Common, also headlining the event, has been turning heads across the country for over a decade. Maintaining a strong underground following throughout the 1990’s, Common’s career boosted into the mainstream’s spotlight as a result of his continual involvement in the music and film industries; as well as being the founder of a non-profit organization and an outspoken activist. His inspirational lyrics depicting hard times and progress sooth the soul, while his presence on stage gets everyone grooving.

Tonight is surely going to be one for the books! Take a look at some Atmospheric tunes… see you there kids!

Atmosphere :: “God’s Bathroom Floor”
God’s Bathroom Floor


Atmosphere :: “Sound is Vibration”
Sound is Vibration


Atmosphere :: “Trying to Find a Balance”
Trying to Find a Balance


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