SINGLE // Childish Gambino :: Heartbeat (OLIVER Remix)

OLIVER is the L.A.-based duo of Vaughn Oliver and Oliver Goldstein. Their last EP, Dirty Talk, featured remixes from Black Van and the always-dependable Punks Jump Up.  Now, they’re asking, please sir, do you want some more?

The original “Heartbeat” from Childish Gambino wasn’t terrible, but it did fail by sounding like an indecisive Justice vs. Kid Cudi homage.  OLIVER turns it into a lurching electro-disco Frankenstein and simultaneously makes Donald Glover sound more legitimate as a vocalist.

OLIVER released a free mix last week to celebrate Dirty Talk, named “Audio Speedwagon (Vol. 1).  From the dynamic duo: “We wanted to do a mix of some of our favorite obscure, lesser known disco/italo/funk tracks from the past and put them all together in a fun, fast-paced, mega-mix style. Not for the faint of heart, buckle up!”   This mix is so full of sunshine and puppies we actually had to run outside and vomit a rainbow onto our yard.  Boy, were our neighbors surprised to see that happen.


Your thoughts?

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