FEATURE // Liquid Stranger :: The Wetware Warfare EP


Liquid Stranger bringin’ da RUCKUS with a new EP released yesterday.  The best dubstep invariably does one thing correctly: fostering unholy paranoia.  Wetware Warfare has just the right balance between crunch and space to make this happen, and our favorite, “Crush Groove,” is like the paranoia of smiling and being afraid you don’t understand why.

Liquid Stranger will be in Denver for TWO NIGHTS with Excision at the Ogden Theatre on Feb. 16th and 17th, with the likes of Lucky Date, Coult 45, Dodger and Dirt Monkey.

We’d also like to point out that over the years, Liquid Stranger has followed a Bassnectar-type of career curve that started with hippiedom and ended with pure aggression.  We’re not making any judgements on this, only that people seem to prefer getting their asses knocked back into their seats.  Check out this dubby Liquid Stranger mix from back in the day:

Liquid Stranger :: Babylon Outcast Mix



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