SINGLE // Zoogma :: “Ayers Rock”

One of the newest incarnations of instrument-driven electronica, Zoogma is a Mississippi-born jamtronica group that is blurring the lines between producer- and instrument-driven music.  The five-piece band just released their single “Ayers Rock”, a seamless blend of high-rising guitar rock and spacious electro-step.

Zoogma :: Ayers Rock

It’s difficult to NOT make an STS9 comparison here — especially since both are Southern-born projects — but there is definitely something fresh here.  It’s clear that Zoogma grasps what works in contemporary electronic music: massive builds, plenty of texture, and familiar dance rhythms are just the start.  Add in some heart-wrenching melodic lines and jamspace that explores psychedelia, and you are still basically describing what makes “jamtronica” work.  But there is definitely a new wave of this music emerging on the horizon, one that will successfully introduce teenage dubsteppers to the spectacle of live musicianship.  Honoring contemporary production values is the most direct way to do this, and we encourage those ballsy enough to add a bombastic, harmonized guitar solo on top.

Recreational Vehicles was just the start for Zoogma, and “Ayers Rock” proves that there’s plenty more room to grow.  Be sure to check out Zoogma’s site for a free download of Recreational Vehicles and see what we mean!

We will definitely be at Zoogma’s Boulder show (@ the Fox) on Feb 23., but other Colorado dates also include Breckenridge (320 South), Denver (Larimer Lounge) and Fort Collins (Hodi’s).  More nationwide dates are expected to be released soon, so if you don’t see your city on there don’t panic!


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