FEATURE // Knowa Knowone :: “Champagne and Kittens”

Oakland-based glitch rocker Knowa Knowone just dropped a hot one today: Champagne and Kittens is a nine-track album that heralds back to the kind of West-Coast glitch sound that started it all for the genre.
“Fresh from a sold-out run on the Turkish wedding circuit (ed. note: that exists?), and rocking flip flops in Brazil, Knowa’s new EP is a tribute to hyphy hedonism and booty-shaking psychedelic crunk, in the consistently original style of one of the West Coast’s most innovative producers.”

The title track, as well as an album teaser released two weeks ago, are both eligible bangers and available for free download:

Knowa Knowone :: Champagne and Kittens

Knowa Knowone :: Virtual Hero (ft. Abai)

“Virtual Hero” has an awesome turntablist element hidden inside it.  From Street Ritual’s Soundcloud: “Knowa made the beats and Abai played the keys. About halfway through, he bounced out parts of the track, dropped them in Serato Scratch Live, scratched them back into the track and then used the new scratched parts to make new parts of the song. Basically some glitch-hop party crush.”

Pick up the full album from 1320 Records, Addictech, or Beatport.


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