FEATURE // Various Artists :: Gem Drops Two

We can always count on Dropping Gems to hook it up with forward-thinking producers and spacious, intellectually-chilled tracks.  Gem Drops Two follows up on the trend with the same headspace 808’s and a brand-new set of producers.

Some of the tracks start with a jolt of broken-beat energy right from the start, but more of them take their time to build up into a groove.  There really isn’t a single song on the release we don’t like, but in case you need this much convincing to download this amazing collection, here are a few of our favorites.

Ghost Feet :: Crystal Pet Part 1

Brownbear :: Empty Jars

Natasha Kmeto :: Belly  (<====give this one a minute, it’s worth it!)

Gumar :: Hitachi

Daedelus :: California

From the Dropping Gems website:

As with our last compilation, our basic mission here has been to cull together the “best of” from the diverse range of styles, scenes, head-spaces and localities that catch our ear. We’re happy to call that mission a success, one that we hope to share with fans of the first Gem Drops and newcomers alike.

Download of 20-track album from Bandcamp as a name-your-price: all sales are donated to the American Cancer Society to support cancer research.


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