PLAYLIST // ChillyDogz Vol. 1. ((Queensway, Gramatik, Aether, and more))

Sunday is here, a time to kick back and nurse ourselves back to health and chillness.  Weekends are actually a two-part process, where we relax so hard we need a whole day just to relax.  We’ve got a grip of tunes here, new and old, to facilitate a little spiritual healing.

First off, Queensway, a Ukrainian cat who won “Best Track in Ukraine.”  I’m not sure what that means — the only proof of this appears to be in Ukrainian.  But I believe him, .  “In Ukraine, face melts YOU.”

Queensway :: Epiano

For chill that goes the distance, check out Queensway’s 11:00 mixdown of the LP he dropped last week, Automatic Lover.

Queensway :: Automatic Lover LP Mix

Yes, it might be a week old, but “In My City” is yet another piece of evidence that Gramatik is actually an alien from a different, funky planet where there are seven moons and zero-gravity hookah bars on every corner.  His composition is so emotionally spot-on it almost doesn’t seem right to put it in a “chill” playlist.

Gramatik :: In My City

Aether is a producer based in Massachusetts who honestly deserves his own post, but for now we want to share this remix of Portishead that is smooth as butter.  If it’s a little slow for you, check out his Soundcloud because dude is definitely worthy of a second chance.

Portishead :: It Could Be Sweet (Aether remix)

And there’s plenty more to explore. Enjoy!

Ruffles :: Revenant

Pictureplane :: Real Is A Feeling (Grimes Remix)

Empt & Empyrean :: Cuticle Thorns

Essáy & CoMa :: Deceptive

Graphics :: There’s A Way Back (Lorca Remix)


Your thoughts?

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