PHOTOS // Big Gigantic @ Boulder Theater 1/20/12

Big Gigantic put on their work boots to stomp the Boulder Theater last night, returning home for another sold-out show that was packed with veteran fans and clear anticipation for some boom.

Nocturnal had unprecedented buzz around it and new songs flowed seamlessly in and out of last night’s set.  Tracks like “Fantastic” and “Rise and Shine” show how much energy Big G can actually pack into their songs, and they sounded fantastic in a live setting.

Big G can thump it hard, and there’s no doubt it’s been a big part of their national success.  But the best part of last night’s show was how the sax and live drums stood out above the mix, giving it a feeling that this is a band that features heavy bass instead of the other way around.  This hasn’t always been clear, but the show definitely had an authentic energy.

Those jamtronica fans disenfranchised by the increasing amount of “dubstep” in the Big G sound definitely would have been won over by the show.  But at the same time, Big G doesn’t abide by the “jam” code where set lists and solos mean everything to the show.  People go to see Big Gigantic to get down, get drunk, and have a good time, and it just so happens that Big G knows how to rage it classy.


Your thoughts?

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