PLAYLIST // That’s Not a Knife ((Staunch, Ghostsoul, Ta-Ku, Opiuo))

Back when the weather was warm, we had a small gathering in my backyard that was dominated by beer pong, Jamiroquai, hot dogs, and this huge Australian dude who somehow ended up partying with us.

He was piss drunk by the end of the night, and while full of beer and Aussie wisdom, he said some of the funniest shit I had heard all summer.  Sure, accents are funny in almost all situations, and the phrase “insufferable wanker” is one of my favorite insults to this day, but this guy was on a roll.

I was literally breathless with laughter when he asked my thoughts on anal penetration:

“So yew mean to tewl me, yo’ bird is nevva pu’ a fingah in ewe bum? Yew isn’t livin’ life to da fullest, mate!”

Anyways, back to the point, Australians are awesome and I have a few cuts from down under that you are definitely going to enjoy.  We are all familiar with Opiuo and his ultra-recognizable sense of space funk; now check out Staunch, a duo who definitely nails that aesthetic.

It might be jumping the gun to say this is an “Australian” sound, but maybe not.  Staunch is made up of James Hayes (of Shadow Fx) and Algenon Renton (of Mustard Tiger), and if koala glitch isn’t a genre yet, it should be! Check our favorite from the Staunch EP:

Staunch :: Sensitive New Age Gringo

Some consider it sacrilege to remix anything from The Chronic, and I’m quick to agree: however, Hayes and Renton do pretty well with it in this recent track, but you be the judge:

Dr. Dre :: The Next Episode (Staunch Rmx)

Ghostsoul is another Australian producer (by way of Melbourne) we’ve stumbled across lately.  “Some Day I’ll Be Free” is our choice from his downloadable EP, Broken Symmetry, and “The Opening Dusk” is a solid glitch track that should resonate with most Boulder bassheads.

Ghostsoul :: Some Day I’ll Be Free

Ghostsoul :: The Opening Dusk

Ta-ku is absolutely on a roll. We loved watching his progression through “50 Days for Dilla,” an absolutely astounding 50-song tracklist that came from a “I’ll make one beat a day” kind of personal challenge.  He’s right up there with Clams Casino and other Dilla-phile chillwavers, and there wasn’t a single day in this set we didn’t like.

We also couldn’t resist putting up these dreamy piece of hot download action up for you, as well as a short Inspector Gadget break that got us headspinning like it was ’92.

Ta-ku :: Nice Eyes

Ta-ku :: Gadget

And closing it all out, from the Aussie who started it all for us State-side: the Chuck Steak blackout anthem.

Ray Charles :: Good Thymes (Opiuo Remixx)


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