PLAYLIST // The Big 2-5 ((Baltimore Breaks))


Birthday Break

Make sure you listen long enough to make it to the chorus breakdown.  Classic!

I grabbed this uplifting, celebratory club break from a friend of mine who is really into Baltimore club music, a local DJ who goes by the name of Zimby.  I wish I could tell you what the album was called, or furthermore what this break is actually named, but like most odd treasures it came on a blank, nameless CD.  If you recognize these tunes, hit me up at and fill me in on the right artist/track names.

DJ’s will be really interested in these tracks, but they are certainly educational in their own right if you don’t know about the Baltimore sound.  They’d also interest people looking to break the ice when asking for oral sex.

Eat It Break

Going Down Break

Lick The Cat Break

These don’t have anything to do with oral. I think…

Umpin Break

Shut It Down Break

Bounce Break

Ho Break

Rock It Break

Piggy Break

Banana Break

Do It Break


Your thoughts?

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