PREVIEW // STS9 to Celebrate the Beginning of a New Era

Preparing for possibly the most relevant tour to their identity, Sound Tribe Sector 9 has been hitting the studio hard, and they are gearing up for their masterpiece tour that begins in Denver this Friday at the Fillmore Auditorium for the Great Cycle Spectacles.

Sophisticated percussion, soul-crushing guitar solos, mind-blowing piano lines and the jazzy, futuristic bass that holds it together; these are the elements that piece together the auditory and visually inspiring experience that STS9 provides to their audiences.

With the hearts of everyone involved pouring out in unity, the atmosphere created at a Sound Tribe show is inexplicable for most, and unforgettable for all.  The nature of an STS9 show puts fans in the presence of tribal energy and universal connectivity.  Fans leave venues dripping in sweat and self-realization, ready to take on the universe.  Beautiful rhythms have rooted them to the ground while mystical visions send their head to the heavens.

The Great Cycle Spectacles represent the transition into an uncharted cycle of the Mayan calendar, and supposedly, a new era of enlightened thought and energy.  Originally named Sector 9 (and eventually changed to STS9 due to trademark issues with Sector 9 longboards), the band’s identity and music brings tribal spirituality to life. A culmination of cultural expression from around the world, the Spectacles will highlight the importance of this 9th sector of the Mayan Calendar from which we are currently leaving.

According to Mayan spirituality, this sector of the Mayan Calendar is characterized by music, art, expression, and widespread communication, connectivity, and understanding; as foretold, the Great Cycle Spectacles will celebrate the fruition of the band’s mission to encourage widespread passion and expression.  The energy that the band has devoted to their vision has actually yielded a “sound tribe.”  The real beauty is the fostering of universal community, as the group has fostered a true community that is the real joy of STS9’s world.

So to say the least: we’re expecting to see some incredible things during this momentous time for the STS9 family.  Unlike the Spectacles the following weekend in Chicago, the two night run in Denver will be held without openers, and instead be “An Evening with STS9” experiences. We here at UFO are pretty stoked on the endless possibilities.

Tap into the celebration of life and relearn the importance of love and community at this apex of face-raging.  Starting off their tour in Denver this Friday (1/13) and Saturday (1/14), STS9 will be bringing a whole new show to the table, one of an entirely indigenous, creational, breathtaking nature.

The Great Cycle Spectacles :: The Fillmore :: 1.13.12

Check out this video of STS9 at Rothbury in 2009 performing “Circus”:

Love STS9 as much as we do? Get free downloads of live sets, news, merchandise and more here:    STS9 News


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