UFO.TV // Portal Hopping with The Polish Ambassador

The Polish Ambassador (David Sugalski) is an intergalactic bastion of justice and diplomacy. No interplanetary dispute is too large,  no foreign relationship too strained, no centuries-old conflict that can’t be rectified by a TPA dance party.

Polish has been killing it especially hard since he was added to the 1320 Records roster, and he invaded The Fillmore in Denver with SAVOY on 11.11.11. , and brought the house down at one of his biggest Colorado shows to date. Check out UFO‘s video interview and recap of the show to learn a little more about how David does Denver.

Read on for our interview with TPA last summer at Re:Generation Music Festival in Horning’s Hideout, OR!

The sun was bright and the leaves were literally glowing in shades of green I didn’t know could exist outside of a dream.  It was easy to get caught up in the beautiful lake view at Horning’s Hideout at an unforgettable weekend of STS9 and friends for Re:Generation.  After a killer set from The Polish Ambassador to set the tone for the weekend, we sat down with the Ambassador himself, David Sugalski, for a quick Q&A while soaking in the beauty of the surroundings.

Okay, first question I want to ask you: how does it feel to play robot music in the woods?

(Laughs) What an awesome question.  Well, they’re two of my favorite things, so for me it’s synergy.  I grew up with computers and I’m just a computer nerd at heart and I go camping and love to hike and stuff like that, so it’s the best of both worlds for me.

Have you ever hiked in the suit before?

(Laughs) No man, no way.  That thing’s about 120 degrees when I’m performing up there, and nine times out of ten when I’m playing there’s a need for me to actually take it off and drape it around my waist.

When I was little, I used to ski in a onesie like that: it was neon yellow and black, and I wore a red jester hat with it… it was the 90’s and I was like ten, that shit was fly.  Have you ever been skiing/snowboarding in the suit?

I have not, but putting this out there for you guys and your web viewers, I have this idea for a music video.  There’s all these badass snowboarders out in Colorado and all these badass snowboard videos being shot; I’m thinking that maybe one week I can not schedule some gigs and send the suit out to a video crew that’s doing some snowboard shots…

Ah, that’d be sick!

…and basically give it to some friggin’ badasses that can do some nasty shit out there and create a music video for one of my songs.

Which song would these riders potentially shred to?

So I only have one video so far, and it’s for the second song on my first album called Earth Vs. the World.  I’ve been itching to make a music video since then, I’m just waiting for the right opportunity to come up.  I have five albums up right now under the Polish Ambassador alias, and then I have one other under my other alias which is Ample Mammal.  But basically there’s a bunch of songs that people like – I’m not going to call them classics because I’m not on that level yet – but there’s a bunch of fan favorites that people just love.  Bottom line is that I’m open to options.

Tell me about some of your influences: hip-hop is obviously one of them, but what other kinds of sources do you draw from?

When I really think about my influences, I really think about the stuff I heard growing up.  I’m 30 years old now, so when I was 13-14, I was rocking Paul’s Boutique by Beastie Boys and ATLiens by Outkast.  And I was just telling the cats that interviewed me earlier the same thing – that stuff switches up styles pretty quick. If you listen to that Paul’s Boutique album, you hear one thing going on and then all the sudden they bring this crazy sample and you’re like, what the fuck was that, and then they drop the bassline or bring a new bassline in.

And if you listen to my sets it’s kinda similar.  Some people say that my stuff is like this weird convergence of super-chill tunes but then is also good for A.D.D. people.  It’s chill and keeps a really consistent flow throughout, but I definitely introduce new elements of groove pretty rapidly when I’m playing.

What about being on 1320 (Records) and your thoughts on joining that family?

You look at that label and there’s all sorts of dope artists on there.  When they were stoked to put out my full-length Future, Sex, Computers, I was equally stoked.  Sound Tribe – just a great group, at the top of their game and have been for a while – and they have this crowd that eats up anything they put out.  It’s a great label to be on, for one because Sound Tribe is sort of at the helm, but two, because those guys are great selectors of artists and obviously have their ears to the streets and are listening for up and coming stuff because they put out some really dope records.

Have you ever met the real Polish ambassador?

(Laughs) Well there’s many, there’s one to every great nation in this world…  I think, I really don’t know how that whole ambassadorial thing works.  No, I have not.  I mean, who is the real Polish ambassador?  That’s the question that I’m bringing to the table right now, anyways.  Go ahead and Google “Polish ambassador” and see who comes up first!

Are you ever going to strive to meet the Polish ambassador for the U.S.?

I don’t know, I’m not that concerned with politics right now.  It’s my goal right now just to make people dance and not get involved in that side of things.  Hopefully, if you put enough love and positivity into the world, politics and all the stuff that goes along with that will straighten itself out.

If you were backstage at one of your shows and the real Polish ambassador came up to you and said [poking him in chest, in terrible Polish accent] “I am Polish ambassador!  You are not Polish ambassador!” what would you say to him if you found him at one of your shows?

I’d say, “Dude, there’s a pierogy joint outside, let’s go get some pierogies and kielbasa!”  I’m 50 percent Polish, so some of my relatives fed me that stuff growing up and I’m all about some Polish delicacies.  And if that guy is from Poland, obviously he is, too.

Yeah, it’s sort of his job, right? Was there anything beyond that that influenced your name choice?

The name choice is interesting; I could come up with a bunch of funny answers but I’ll give you the straight one.  In college, I was trying to be a scratch DJ and I had some old comedy record, it was all spoken comedy, no music or anything, and they were making fun of all sorts of politicians.  On the record, someone said, “And here comes the Polish ambassador!” so I was cutting that up like “P-Polish Am-bass-ador,” and that sort of thing to some hip-hop beats.  My roommates at the time were like, “Oh who are you now, the Polish ambassador?” and I was like I dunno, I guess.

It was one of those names that was given to you and then it just stuck.


Your thoughts?

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