PLAYLIST // SpaceFunk Volume 1 ((Clams Casino – STS9 – ill.Gates – saQi))

The following playlist consists of chillbangers spanning from galaxies far away to the Midwest. Artists such as STS9, Ample Mammal, edIT, Paper Diamond, Zoogma and others start this galactic get-down right, raging through disco wormholes and lazer-induced psychosis as we cruise across the stars.  Read on to scope our selection of past and present tunes we couldn’t move forward without getting to first (right click on the title to download).

Download .zip – SpaceFunk Vol. 1 on Mediafire

Clams Casino leads this one off with our pick from his free instrumental mixtape dropped last spring, featuring his beats for rappers like Lil B and Soulja Boy.  European producers Pixelord and YoggyOne give broken beat hip-hop a grimey shot of electricity with “Laser Jigglefish” (definitely grab the rest of Mad-Hop Vol. 4). And we had to include STS9‘s “Open E,” we’ve been in the mothership chasing after it around the country only to MISS IT AGAIN during their NYE run.

Clams Casino :: Illest Alive [Main Attrakionz]

Pixelord X YoggyOne :: Laser Jigglefish

Sound Tribe Sector 9 :: Open E (Rothbury 07.05.08)

Bassnectar :: Cozza Frenzy (Ample Mammal Remix)

Mux Mool :: Lady Linda (Devonwho Edit)

Emancipator :: Rattlesnakes (saQi Remix)

Some big up-and-comers are on the second half.  A new Denver record label DIRTY//CLEAN revealed itself last week and Bedrockk is right at the forefront.  We’re also going to throw it out there that Zoogma is poised to blow up big in 2012. Make sure to cop Recreational Vehicles as a free download from their site.

Bedrockk :: Plush Sky Dreamin’

Zoogma :: M10

The New Monarchs :: Home (Skullbuster Remix)

Paper Diamond :: Electric Smile

ill.Gates :: Friction Labs Remix

edIT :: Ants


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