PLAYLIST // Dubious Ventures ((Omega, David Starfire, Sir CharLes, Of Porcelain))

We strive out once again into a musical journey; a road trip with no concrete direction, but an agreed goal that happiness is not a destination to arrive, but a means of traveling.

First I’d like to introduce you to Sir CharLes, a kid on Old Tacoma (along with Eliot Lipp and Samples).  We’re also really digging Kastle, a side project from B. Rich that turned out some deep 2-step tunes.  And speaking of side projects, Ooah rocks it pretty hard under his alias Of Porcelain.  Though the tracks usually sound as fragile as the name implies, tracks like “Why Wait” let you know it’s the same Ooah we’ve come to love all these years.

Download by right-clicking the title and selecting “Download link.”

Sir CharLes :: Kandy Paint

Natalia Kills :: Mirrors (Omega Remix)

Natacha Atlass :: Batkallim (David Starfire remix)

Calvin Harris :: Flashback (Millions Like Us Remix)

Of Porcelain :: Why Wait

Kastle :: Technique

Ear Jerker :: Bazaar Friends (Baan instrumental remix)

Butthole Surfers :: Pepper (RUN DMT Remix)


Your thoughts?

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