FEATURE // VibeSquaD Refixes

Boulder local VibeSquaD (Aaron Holstein) is not your typical DJ. Aaron’s live performances, coupled with a vibrationally captivating atmosphere, create some pretty funky bass-tacular music… on top of that, his sampling is on point, and he will have you dancing like you never have before. If you’re heading to one of his unforgettable sets, don’t forget your space boots and hula hoops because you’re going for a ride.

Eve//Gwen Stefani :: “Let Me Blow Your Mind” (VibeSquaD Refix)

Zapp :: “California Love” (VibeSquaD Refix)

Cypress Hill :: “I Want To Get High” (VibeSquaD Refix)

Busta Rhymes :: “As I Come Back” (VibeSquaD Refix)

Björk :: “Army of Me” (VibeSquaD Refix)

Want more? Check out his USTREAM from Beatport’s Labs:
VibeSquaD :: USTREAM


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