CULTURE // P.L.A.A.N.T. featured in National Geographic

P.L.A.A.N.T. (People Looking At A Newer Today), the eco-friendly clothing company and brainchild of David Bywater, was recently featured in National Geographic Magazine. David has been really busy in the art and music cultures for quite some time: you may recognize him from his incredible works designing album covers for Big Gigantic and making spectacular concert posters for STS9 throughout the years.

This article discusses the “green” and sustainable mentality that P.L.A.A.N.T. is integrating into their art and clothing, and how the music culture fosters their transcendent vision. Having just released their fresh new winter line, these guys are saving the world while swaggin’ out. Check it out, these kids be doin’ big thangs!

The Official P.L.A.A.N.T. Site

P.L.A.A.N.T. on Facebook


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